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Sunday Evening Owls: One thing else that wants Operation Warp Velocity—the local weather disaster

Sunday Evening Owls: One thing else that wants Operation Warp Velocity—the local weather disaster

That is price reflecting on, as a result of we’re surrounded by existential threats. Principally, local weather change. The dimensions of the issue is very large.

So is the reply: Operation Warp Velocity for local weather.

The US authorities ought to throw its muscle behind ramping up a mammoth, speedy rollout of all types of renewable power. That features those we already know construct—like photo voltaic and wind—but in addition experimental rising sources like geothermal and small nuclear, and cutting-edge types of power storage or transmission. It’s not as if the feds have executed nothing on renewables; tax credit for photo voltaic are partly why adoption is up and the value is down. However in comparison with the terrifying scale of the issue, the spending has been chump change. For the previous 40 years, the US has spent 37 p.c extra on R&D for fossil fuels than for renewables. […]






“If somebody thinks that peace and love are only a cliche that should have been left behind within the 60s, that is an issue. Peace and love are everlasting.” ~~John Lennon


On this date at Each day Kos in 2010—MA-Sen: Marketing campaign Frenzy:

The primary dialog you could have with individuals in Massachusetts as of late is about what telephone calls they’ve gotten. “I used to be residence at this time,” my father advised me on Friday, “and the majority of the telephone calls we received had been concerning the election: Invoice Clinton, the DNC, a Coakley volunteer, the Brown marketing campaign, my union president…” Saturday, it was a robocall from Scott Brown’s daughter complaining concerning the detrimental assaults in opposition to her father. (That’s, in opposition to disclosure of his report and positions.) At the moment, my mom answered the telephone and was requested if she believed that marriage was between a person and a girl. When she replied no, the Nationwide Group for Marriage thanked her and signed off. Moments later, the telephone rang. It was MassEquality calling to let individuals know NOM was making calls.

At Coakley marketing campaign headquarters, and close by on the Massachusetts Democratic Celebration, volunteer phonebankers usually apologize for the amount of calls persons are getting. However they hold calling, and the stacks of accomplished name sheets are added to as quick as they are often entered within the computer systems. The complacency that plagued us only a week in the past has been completely punctured and volunteers have flooded in.

No, Massachusetts just isn’t accustomed to this type of marketing campaign.

Massachusetts can also be not accustomed to a candidate as low-down and scum-sucking as Scott Brown, and as soon as once more the compressed schedule of what you would possibly name the actual marketing campaign is a matter, forcing voters to soak up the rapid-fire succession of tales solely now popping out about Brown, after he is spent months defining himself as that telegenic man who by no means says the phrase “Republican.”